selected works



Music and Movement

This work was created collaboratively over a number of weeks by: 

Theia Maldoom (Choreographer), Margherita Giuliodori (Dancer), Aurora Nishevci (Composer) and Rachel Newbold (Cellist).


Our process was focused around Gala Dalí, the wife, the healer, the muse, the support, the agent, the controller, the demon dominatrix, the destroyer of Salvador Dalí.

Guildhall: Im(possibilities) (2019)

Involved as a collaborator, singer and lyricist.

'The ImPossibilities band creates a sonic amalgam of free jazz,  spiritual sounds, roots and folkloric music, hip-hop, nu-soul, spoken word, groove and abstraction.'


solo instrumental

black anna(2020)

Part 1: Soprano and Piano

Part 2: Solo Soprano

Words by Kaitlin Sullivan

Written for Mariana Fernandes and Joe Howson

Fade (2017)


Written for Ioannis Theodoridis. 

First Broadcast: BBC Radio 3  as part of an emerging female composers segment, Tue 5 Jun 2018.

Summer (2014)


with electronics

Xiuhcoatl (2016)

Solo Flute and Live Electronics

Written for Nicholas Sabisky

Meditations on Colour (2019): Music for Installation

V.C, Live Electronics and Fixed Media

Created for Colourscape Festival at Waddesdon Manor



On a Thin Thread (2018)



An Oratorio based on events leading up to the Yugoslavian war. The opera focuses on the Yugoslavian war at a political level. It is based on how Slobodan Milošević manipulated the media in Serbia and rose to power on the backs of Kosovo Serbs and ignited a kind of nationalism that ultimately led to genocide in ex-Yugoslavia.

Premier: 13th June 2018, The Albany (Deptford). 



Selected clips:

On a Thin Thread: Theme

Piano and Fixed Media

I Want to Live Here


shape words distort (2020)

Written for EXAUDI Vocal  Ensemble


Mixed Voices and Piano

Written for Streetwise Opera

Love's as good as shakespeare (2016)

SATB and Piano

Two (2019)

Two piano's

Written for Siyu Sun and Yvain Calvo 

Shaka Chaka (2017)

Woodwind Ensemble

Mixed ensemble

Not my lover (2020)

For Piano,Violin, Fixed Media and  Spoken Word

Words by Brian Smith

Written for Giulia Lussoso and Angela Novey

A Walk In the Park (2018)

 Cl, Fl, Perc, 2 Pno, Str Quin

Fear and Fine Wine (2016)

Fl (db. Picc.), Ob, Cl (db. B Cl), Bas, Hrn in F, Perc, Vln, Vla, Vc, DB

We Are Still Alive (2015)

Fl., Vln, Cl., Vc., Pno

Gesture (2015)

Written for the Piatti String Quartet

Holmes Road (2014)

Written for Thames Brass Quintet



Break us down(2018)

On a thin thread: theme (2018)

Written For Street Orchestra Live


For Orchestra


Open scores

Lockdown reflection(2020)

Currently featured on:

NMS Presents: Lockdown Listening (all proceeds to Help Musicians UK charity)

Follow the Dancer (2017)

Open Score

The Isle Is Full Of Noises (2017)

Open Score

Written for CoMa Voices


For moving image

Rickets (2016)

Solo Piano

Written for animation by Heather Dyson

Handle With Care (2017)

Written for Short Film